Monday, October 31, 2005

The Hallmark Moment

A beautiful, cold fall day
a good day to not own a car
walking with my sweetie
a big pile of leaves
and she
can not

She shoves me
and using kung fu
learned from sunday matinees
I whip around
and she
lands in
the pile

Her laughter was expected
His siren was not
The would be hero
stepped from his black and white
"You're lucky she came up laughing." he tells me, threateningly

Since she did
couldn't you have just smiled
and enjoyed the fall day?
I think to myself, but I don't say a word
Her and I stand
and stare

He gets back behind the wheel and leaves
taking our perfect Hallmark moment with him

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Headline Blankets said...

Hey, Your poems are pretty good. I'm glad I stopped by after checking out whylieineedadrink.

Good Stuff!!